Piccola Cucina Uptown

106 East 60th Street - 10022 New York, NY

The Catania-native chef, who has run five successful restaurants, is expanding his main restaurant by adding a second level located across from Central Park.

The Rise of Piccola Cucina Park Avenue Restaurant in Manhattan, New York

Italian cuisine is well-known for being the most exported food on the entire globe. But what particular Italian food do tourists, especially Americans, prefer? Philip Guardione, an Italian chef runs five restaurants under his “Piccola Cucina, restaurants in Uptown NYC” brand, took a while to figure out what are the most liked dishes to serve people.

Philip Guardione says, “To thrive overseas, the most significant factor is the ingredient that must take the lead. In New York, the customer is multinational; people prefer to eat something they’re able to recognize. In my opinion, this is the most difficult spot to visit because you can eat good anywhere, and the quality is quite great. In our situation, Americans wish to repeat their experiences in their home region, such as a trip to Sicily”.

Establishment of the First Piccola Cucina in New York

Guardione was born in Catania, nurtured in Francavilla di Sicilia, and educated at the Giarre Hotel School. He worked with Sergio Mei at Carpaccio by Alberico Penati and Taillevent by Alain Solivérès before settling in New York and founding his first Piccola Cucina in 2009. The strategy used here was the most traditional “try and error.” Beginning with fine dining meals that the American palate may not have been prepared for, he then shifted his focus to traditional Sicilian cuisine, but with modifications in methods and presentation.

The Success Story of Piccola Cucina

This resulted in delicacies like arancini and parmigiana, pasta alla norma, black ink squid, and sea urchins, which were possibly served family-style in the cooking pot, exactly like at home. When Sicilian food was still unfamiliar in the city, the concept proved so successful that Guardione opened a second restaurant, Piccola Cucina Enoteca, followed by Piccola Cucina Osteria and Piccola Cucina Estiatorio. All the way from Ibiza to Red Lodge, Montana.

Piccola Cucina Uptown: The Heart of Central Park

Piccola Cucina Uptown, located just in front of Central Park, is the flagship, one of the more sophisticated restaurants Uptown NYC that opened in the horrible year of 2020 but survived. The good news is that it has expanded to the point where expansion is required. Guardione and his wife and kids opened the restaurant’s second floor in May, which features a pleasant bar, an open kitchen with a Spanish grill, and an outdoor terrace for summer evenings.

Opening Hours

from 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM


106 East 60th Street
10022 New York, NY


Phone: (001) 646-707-3997