New website for Piccola Cucina Group by Philip Guardione

New website of the Piccola Cucina Group

It is with great pleasure that we present our new web site
For a business it is fundamental to be represented on-line with clear and thorough details of our products, offering consumers the possibility to ask for specialized and personalized information. For this reason we have decided to focus on simple and easily understood navigation, besides being esthetically appealing.

Therefore Piccola Cucina by Philip Guardione is changing the graphics so that they are more appealing, modern and, in some ways more appetizing. The layout will change, becoming more expansive and, therefore, navigable also on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

We are changing the web experience: it will be more easily understood and more simple to visit.

It will be easy to book a table at one of our restaurants in New York and Ibiza, also the menus are easy to consult and save in PDF format.
In addition we have enriched the contents with lots of news about Sicilian culinary traditions.

Our goal always remains the same, which is to help you discover the treasures of Sicily and its culinary traditions through sought-after recipes and unique dishes.

Enjoy our new website!