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Piccola Cucina Spring Street was the second US restaurant for Piccola Cucina and opened in Jenuray 2013 in the heart of Soho.
Friendly service with a buzzy athmoshere, all in a typical Italian restaurant settings, matched by home cooking like you would expect to eat in Italy is the key to the success of the restaurant.
For the menu the greatest care is taken by the chef in choosing the freshest ingredients according to season

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Arancino Catanese
Sicilian rice balls filled with meat ragù and norma sauce.

Involtini di pesce spada
Thinly sliced swordfish rolled with buffalo mozzarella over a cherry tomato sauce.

Sarde beccafico con
finocchi e arance
Sardines beccafico with fennel and orange.

Calamari alla griglia con
Ratatouille di verdure stagionali
Grilled Calamari with Ratatouille of mixed seasonal vegetables.

Polpo alla griglia con
pomodorini, cipollotto e capperi
Grilled Octopus with cherry tomato, scallion and capers.

Polpette della Nonna
Homemade grilled Meatballs with stuffed peppers, olives, capers and potato.

Caponata palermitana
con pesce spada
Palermitan Caponata with Swordfish.

Insalata mista di stagione
Mixed seasonal salad.

Insalata con rucola,
grana e pomodorini
Arugola salad with Pecorino cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Insalata di finocchi e arance
Fennel and orange salad.

Burrata 250g con pomodorini
e rucola freschi
Burrata 250g served with cherry tomato and arugola salad.


Tortino al cioccolato con
confettura di arancio
Chocolate cake served with orange jam.

Cannoli alla Siciliana
Sicilian Cannoli with ricotta cheese and Bronte's pistacchio.

Crème Brulée gratinata con
lamponi e salsa alle fragole
Crème Brulée with raspberries and a strawberry sauce.

Cassata Siciliana
Sponge cake moistened with fruit juices and liqueur, layered with ricotta cheese, covered with a shell of marzipan, finally topped with candied fruit.

Fruit Salad.

Pasta & main courses
(All the Pasta are fresh and Homemade)

Spaghetti al nero di seppia con seppie
Spaghetti with squid ink sauce and calamari.

Busiati alla Norma con ricotta salata
Busiati pasta with eggplant in a tomato sauce topped with Sicilian ricotta.

Maccheroni con salsa
calamarata e zucchine
Maccheroni with squid sauce and zucchine.

Pasta alle sarde
Pasta with Sicilian sardines, pine nuts, sultana raisins and wild fennel.

Scialatielli con pesce spada,
melanzane e scorza di limone
Scialatielli pasta with swordfish, eggplant and lemon zest.

Ravioli agli spinaci e ricotta con
ragu' di salsiccia
Spinach and ricotta ravioli with sausage sauce.

Cavatelli ai funghi e ragu' di agnello
Cavatelli pasta with mushrooms and lamb ragu'.

Linguine all'astice
Lobster linguine served with half grilled lobster and tomato sauce.

Risotto ai frutti di mare
Seafood Risotto.

Grigliata di carne
Grilled Prime Meat selection of the day.

Grigliata di pesce
Grilled catch of the day with vegetables.

Executive Chef

The creative touch given by our chef tied with the flavors of the Mediterranean engages it customers in a unique experience of flavors, combinations, and imaginative interpretations breaking away from the traditional recipes which he revives with his personal style without revealing his gastronomical secrets from the south.


Our task is not just to sell a bottle, But also to spread the culture and the history Behind the same, Order food and wine pairing is to arouse taste sensation harmonics, Then a food is a wine should exalt each other, Small Kitchen can be found in these feelings. The Wine list is organized by region Start with our selection of bubbles and then list the whites, Wines Rosati and finally Dessert wines.

Sparkling   Gl: Btl:

Bellavista Cuvée Brut  Chardonnay, Pinot nero, Pinot bianco
(Elegant and fruity with expressions of tropical fruits, Pineapple and Melon)

Franciacorta   $105
Valdo Brut Valdobbiadene   Prosecco
(Well Balanced structure with a Fresh and armonious fruity bouquet and refined perlage)
Veneto $10 $32
Lunetta Brut Cavit  Prosecco
(Enticing aromas of apple and peach, give way to clean crisp and refreshing finish)
Trentino   $32
Lunetta Rosè  Chardonnay, Teroldego, Pinot nero
(Inviting fragrance and aromas or small red fruits, clean, fresh and fruity)
Trentino   $32
Perrier Jouet   Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir
(Fruity aromas daminated by elegant notes of green apple, pineapple and white peach)
Francia   $105
Moet Chandon   Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir
(A style characterized by a vivid fruityness, a seductive taste thats both elegant and mature)
Francia   $114
Sicilia White   Gl: Btl:
Cusumano   I.g.p  Insolia
(Yellow color, intense fruity bouquet with aroma of apple and white flowers, well balanced)
Sicilia   $35
Feudo Arancio Stemmari  I.g.p  Grillo
(Notes of tropical mango, papaya, jasmine and hints of flowers and aromatic fragrance)
Sicilia   $33
Tasca D’almerita  I.g.t   Catarratto, Pinot, Sauvignon, Traminer
(Large soft, rich, intense and fragrant feeling of sweet ripe fruit)
Sicilia   $52
Planeta La Segreta Bianco  D.o.c.  Chardonnay, Grecanico, Fiano
(Large impact on the nose, with aromas of Pineapple, white peach and well balanced)
Sicilia $12 $40
Firriato Chiaramonte   I.g.t   Ansonica
(Aromas reminiscent of pineapple, mango, almond, lime, lilac flower, Mediterranean feel)
Sicilia   $37
Sicilia Red   Gl: Btl:
Planeta La Segreta Rosso   I.g.t.  Nero d’Avola, Merlot, Syrah
(Ruby scents of cocoa, tobacco, fruit, mulberry, plum, balsamic notes, ripe tannins)
Sicilia $12 $42
Firriato Chiaramonte  I.g.p  Nero d’Avola
(Fragrant fruity, plum, blackberry, cherry, blueberry, black pepper, licorice, chocolate)
Sicilia   $49
Firriato Cavanera D.o.c.   Nerello Mascalese
(Ruby sweet notes of nutmeg, red fruit raspberry, ripe peach pepper)
Sicilia   $98
Sardegna White   Gl: Btl:
Firriato Cavanera D.o.c.  Vermentino, Nuragus
(Reflections of pale green and gold with fresh and pleasant mineral notes)
Sardegna $9 $32
Sardegna Rosè      
Argiolas Serra Lori I.g.t   Cannonau, Monica, Carignano
(Young delicate intensely fruity, wild strawberries, with a tasty balanced finish)
Sardegna   $46
Sardegna Red      
Argiolas Costera D.o.c  Cannonau
(Ruby intensely fruity, vinous hot round, well structured, great balance)
Sardegna   $45
Umbria White   Gl: Btl:
Rocca delle Macìe Orvieto D.o.c.     Trebbiano, Grechetto
(Straw, with hints of minerals and plants, perceptions of elder acacia and almond)
Umbria   $37
Falesco Vitiano I.g.p.   Verdicchio, Vermentino
(Fragrant fruity, plum, blackberry, cherry, blueberry, black pepper, licorice, chocolate)
Umbria   $38
Umbria Red      
Lungarotti Rubesco Rosso di Torgiano D.o.c.     Sangiovese Canaiolo
(Ruby, fine elegant nose, myrtle, cinnamon, nutmeg, round tannins, balanced finish)
Umbria   $42
Umbria Rosè      
Falesco Vitiano Rose D.o.c.   Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet
(Strawberry jam and raspberry flavors, medium to full-bodied, beautifully balanced)
Umbria $8 $35
Campania White   Gl: Btl:
Feudi di San Gregorio D.o.c.g.     Greco di Tufo
(Intense and persistent fruit, strong minerality with soft balsamic notes on the finish)
Campania   $58
Vesevo Beneventano I.g.t.   Falanghina
(Light straw yellow, simple, clean, fragrant, floral and herbaceous, intense and persistent)
Campania   $50
Mastrobernardino D.o.c.g.   Fiano di Avellino
(Straw with hints of pear, citrus and toasted nut, body and great balance)
Campania   $87
Campania Red      
Terradora I.g.t  Aglianico
(Bright ruby, red fruit cherry, black cherry, violets, spices, cinnamon, vanilla)
Campania   $45
Terradora Taurasi   Aglianico
(Bouquet broad intense, complex, berries, black cherry and spice, soft, elegant)
Campania   $81
Marche White   Gl: Btl:
Il Pollenza Brianello I.g.t.   Sauvignon blanc, Trebbiano
(Bright ruby, red fruit cherry, black cherry, violets, spices, cinnamon, vanilla)
Marche $14 $50
Bucci Classico D.o.c.   Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi
(Fragrance of flowers, aromas of yellow fruit, rich, full-bodied, soft, intense)
Marche   $57
Puglia Red   Gl: Btl:
Feudi di San Gregorio D.o.c.  Primitivo
(Ruby in color with Hints of herbs, marinated black cherry, soft and elegant tannins)
Marche   $47
Matane Primitivo di Manduria D.o.c.   Primitivo
(Ruby Red, purple hues, intense aroma, fruity, cherry and vanilla notes)
Marche   $65
Alto Adige White   Gl: Btl:
Zeveri Muller Thurgau D.o.c.   Muller Thurgau
(Straw, intense, clean, complex, citrus, peach, sage, elder, fresh and lively)
Alto Adige   $35
Istituto San Michele D.o.c.   Pinot Bianco
(Detect fragrances of citrus fruits, hawthorn, and melon, intense, persistent long finish)
Alto Adige   $48
Trentino Red   Gl: Btl:
Lechtaler D.o.c.   Pinot Noir
(Floral, hints of strawberry, raspberry, violet, pomegranate, blueberries pleasant finish)
Trentino $10 $37
Mezzacorona Vigneti Dolomit I.G.T.   Cabernet Sauvignonn
(black currant, blueberry and fresh red fruit notes well balanced and round tannins)
Trentino $9 $32
Toscana White   Gl: Btl:
Castello Colle Massari Melacce D.o.c   Vermentino
(On the nose green apple and peach, accompanied by floral notes of citrus, lively taste)
Toscana   $57
Teruzzi & Puthod Rondolino D.o.c.g.   Vernaccia
(Straw yellow with greenish reflections, clear, brilliant, intense, complex and persistent, minerality and fruity)
Toscana   $41
Teruzzi & Puthod Terre di Tufi I.g.t.  Vernaccia, Chardonnay
(Deep straw, intense fruity aromas with notes of vanilla, tangerine, citrus and pineapple)
Toscana   $48
Toscana Red      
Brusco dei Barbi I.g.t   Sangiovese - Super Tuscan
(Ruby intense and lively aromas of raspberry and wild strawberry, floral and fruity)
Toscana $9 $37
Villa Antinori Rosso I.g.t.   Sangiovese, Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah
(Ruby with scents and flavors of ripe cherries, spices, chocolate and a hint of mint)
Toscana   $53
Cà Marcanda Promis I.g.t   Merlot, Syrah, Sangiovese
(Deep ruby with scents of licorice, eucalyptus, rich, dense with ripe tannins)
Toscana   $112
Veneto White   Gl: Btl:
Pieropan Soave Classico D.o.c.   Garganega, Trebbiano
(Straw, bright fresh, with hints of flowers, cherry, elderberry, fruity, harmonious, balanced)
Veneto $9 $39
Allegrini Soave D.o.c   Garganega, Chardonnay
(Brilliant straw yellow, floral, fruity, pink grapefruit and cedar, persistent finish)
Veneto   $39
Veneto Red      
Allegrini Palazzo della Torre I.g.t.   Corvina, Rondinella, Sangiovese
(Hints of violets, cherries, ripe plums, black pepper, tobacco, toasted notes, fine tannins)
Veneto   $48
Recchia Amarone della Valpolicella D.o.c.   Corvina, Rondinella
(Ruby, garnet, intense, fruity, spicy, cherry liqueur, velvety, long finish)
Veneto   $88
Friuli white   Gl: Btl:
Campanile Friuli D.o.c.   Pinot Grigio
(Straw, clear fresh, fruity, floral, golden apple, light citrus and balanced long finish)
Friuli $9 $33
Borgo Conventi Collio D.o.c.   Sauvignon Blanc
(Features notes of pepper, tomato leaf, peach, balanced minerality)
Friuli   $50
Vie Di Romans Vieris   Chardonnay
(Fragrant and fruity, apple, citrus, pineapple mint, salty tones structured and creamy)
Toscana   $76
Piemonte white   Gl: Btl:
Prunotto Arneis D.o.c.g   Arneis
(Straw yellow, floral aroma and fruity good balance and long aftertaste)
Piemonte   $59
Batasiolo Gavi D.o.c.g.   Cortese
(Elegant citrus note, Mediterranean, pleasant touches of minerality, fruity profile)
Toscana   $34
Piemonte Red      
Fontanafredda D.o.c.   Barbera
(Ruby, fruity and floral, full and persistent, dry and velvety, character and personality)
Piemonte   $39
DaMilano Barolo D.o.c.g.   Nebbiolo
(Garnet, large and enveloping notes of cherry, plum, tobacco, licorice and cocoa)
Piemonte   $80

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To Make Reservations Call +1 646 4787488

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